May 5, 2014: Do All The Things, Newfie Style

It hasn’t even been a week and I’ve already managed to knock a few things off the Newfoundland bucket list. Eat lobster? Check.

Just another Saturday.

Dip my toe in the Atlantic? (Or, in my case, your whole foot) Check.

Why yes, I do look like I'm about to fall in.

See the falls that Bishop's Falls is named after? Check.

Oooooooo... Ahhhhhhh.

Discover what an inside-out seal looks like? Check.

Seal pelts!(Seal hunting is still a relatively major industry in Newfoundland & Labrador. Pelts like these are turned into gloves, vests, and other items).

Go to the Glover's Bay Squid Interpretation Centre and find the statue representation of the squid? Check.

Can you find the giant squid? I know I did.

Still waiting on a moose sighting, though. But I hear it's the time of year that the cows (that's fancy for lady moose) drive off their calves (baby moose) so they can have another calf. So the newly independant calves are easier to spot, since they're not quite as smart as their older bretheren.

We're also skipping the dead and bloated blue whale in Trout River. Aside from it being hours away, I don't really have a hankering to find out what dead whale smells like.

Heading to St. John's on Saturday to visit more family. We'll see if I can get my hands on some Screech.