Dec 30, 2015: Tailored Expectations

I’ve never really good time shopping for clothes. I’m a larger lady, and have difficulty finding clothes that I like that fit. On top of that, there's the difficulty of finding quality clothes. Most garments I stumble across are thin and very cheaply made, making me squirm at the thought of spending money on even their more expensive (but not necessarily improved) variants. So, I sprang at the chance to get clothes made here, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In our first few weeks there, Adam found a tailor he liked, and started our journey to becoming clothes horses by getting a suit and some shirts made. I encouraged him, because years ago, when we got married, I had a dress custom made for me and it was a wonderful experience. It’s 4 years later, and it’s still my favorite dress to wear. I was excited for us both to have some everyday clothes that could make us feel the same way.

Over the course of the following month (with fittings nearly twice a week, since I kept adding things to my order), we watched as our garments formed. And now, we find ourselves with a small, but loved wardrobes.

The folks at CM Custom Tailor did a magnificent job. And, as it turns out, they keep all of our clothes and measurements on file, so that, should we desire, we can order more clothing after we’ve headed back to Canada. I couldn’t be happier. The less time I have to spend squeezing into poorly fit, cheaply made clothes, the happier I am.