Dec 22, 2014: Screw Witty Titles, I'm Sick

Our arrival in Cologne, Germany was nearly uneventful, save for a delay at passport control. The guards couldn’t decide if we were allowed in that day, or the day after. After about a half-hour of debate (in German), and with the promise that we’d be gone Dec. 29 and on our way to Las Palmas, Spain, we were allowed entry.

We had two days or bliss before a cold (almost certainly caught from the plane-ride from Bosnia) put Adam to bed. This left me in an interesting position. Usually, it’s Adam who ventures out solo to get supplies while I stay home to preserve my energy. But now, it was up to me.

I can’t lie, I was anxious. The thought of wandering a strange city alone, without cell service, was intimidating, but necessary. So I loaded a map of Cologne into my phone and set out for supplies.

My first day as solo explorer, I was on the hunt for soup. We had food, but nothing brothy and easy on Adam’s throat. Soup was in order, but I wasn’t sure where the grocery stores were, and I was pretty tired myself. The sushi restaurant we’d eaten at the day before was the answer. It was tasty, close, and had ramen that Adam had really liked.

A few blocks away (I only got lost once), I found the sushi restaurant. I even managed to order mostly in German. With take out ramen in hand, I returned to flat, victorious.

Day two, I actually needed to get some soup to make at home, and the usual supplies that go with having a cold: lozenges, tissues, cold pills, juice. With my map loaded up and some google research in my head I set out again. I didn’t need to venture too far before I hit a North American style drug store. I wandered around a collected what I needed. It turns out, that what we’d typically call a “drug store” doesn’t actually carry any pharmaceuticals at all. Those were only found at pharmacies or “Apotheke.” I hadn’t stumbled across one yet, so I paid for my purchases and carried on to the grocery store.

After successfully finding instant soups and juice, I made my way back towards the flat. I was vaguely aware that we’d passed a pharmacy the other day while we were out walking. Sure enough, half a block from the flat was a pharmacy. I was fortunate enough to find a pharmacist who spoke English, greatly simplifying everything. I told her Adam’s symptoms and she handed me two boxes. Not the usual decongestant/painkiller/sedative combo pills I was used to, but a nasal decongestant spray and pain killing throat lozenges. I wasn’t about to argue. I had something pharmacist recommended.

I found my way home easily this time. Once in the flat, I triumphantly dumped the spoils of my trip at the foot of the bed. I listed off all of the goods as I rummaged to find the things Adam could use immediately.

“Tissues!” I said as I tossed the box to Adam, “Maybe we can salvage some of the skin on your nose, now that you don’t have to blow with TP.”

Adam sniffed, “It’s fine.”

“Soup?” I asked, holding up half a dozen packets of instant soup.

“Yes, please.” Adam said, tearing into the tissue.

N.B. Adam had mostly recovered by Dec. 23, when it was my turn to have a cold.